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The goal of this special issued is to gather the latest works academic and industrial in the field of Compound Semiconductor devices with the focus on applications and realization. The Journal of Microelectronics and Solid State Electronics invites original contributions in the field of Solid State electronic devices. While several promising alternatives to replace silicon based CMOS technologies are actively developed; CMOS maturity, low manufacturing cost, high speed and low power consumption will extend its dominance for at least in the next ten to fifteen years.

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As the CMOS technology scales down to the nanometer level IC designers are facing several challenges including supply voltage reduction, excessive leakage current and statistical uncertainty with process variations and mismatch that all restrict the design of high performance digital, analog, mixed-signal, and RF circuits.

Also the growing demand for more complex ultra-low power devices exacerbates these challenges and makes the operation reliability of integrated circuits despite of variations a hard to achieve goal. The scope of this special issue is to report on the continuous innovation and new developments in CMOS integrated circuits to overcome these challenges.

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The research portfolio of this issue includes emerging techniques on low-power RF, digital, mixed-signal and analog CMOS design of circuits and systems, energy efficient integrated circuits for communication, sensing and biomedical applications. Demand for energy constrained design has increased tremendously with technology scaling due to several factors like increasing problems of leakage currents, thermal management, heat removal and reliability issues etc. Along with these problems, there is also an increasing class of applications like portable electronics, wireless micro sensor networks, radio frequency identification and biomedical implants, which demand ultra low power consumption and prolonged battery life.

The aim of this issue is to foster state-of-the-art research in the area of emerging nano scale devices, circuit techniques to provide ultra low power or in strict sense, energy efficient applications.

Embedded Memories for Nano-Scale VLSIs

Papers are invited based on analytical, numerical, compact modeling of devices and simulation studies carried out on emerging device, circuit techniques. Just enter your email address below,we will share with you the latest information of journals published by SAP. Plus, you can easily unsubscribe at any time, and we'll never share your email address with anyone.

Emerging techniques for nano-scales CMOS integrated circuits design 3. Emerging Device and Circuit Techniques for ultra low power design in the nano scale technologies. Newsletter Just enter your email address below,we will share with you the latest information of journals published by SAP. Available Formats: Hardcover eBook Softcover.

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Available Formats: eBook Hardcover Softcover. Mercier, P. Ed , Chandrakasan, A. Sze, V. Ed , Budagavi, M. Ed , Sullivan, G. Bergman, K.

Enz, C. Ed , Kaiser, A. Available Formats: Hardcover Softcover eBook. Available Formats: Softcover Hardcover eBook. Sheibanyrad, A. Ed , Jantsch, A. Singhee, A.

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