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See also physical geography.

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It's impossible to figure out the geography of this hospital. Geography - general words. Japan is geographically close to North Korea. The company added that there had been a " business slowdown in all geographies. Examples of geography. There is vast amount of ' popular ' wine literature, which prefaces its discussions of classed growths and great vintages with potted histories and geographies of wine. From Cambridge English Corpus. Identity, difference, feminist geometries and geographies.

These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors. Introduction: rethinking geographies of north-south development. Postcolonial geographies: an exploratory essay. There are different areas, geographies, social structures and cultures, and we shall have different solutions for those.

From the Hansard archive. Example from the Hansard archive. Contains Parliamentary information licensed under the Open Parliament Licence v3. Multiple locations were sampled in quick succession to allow control and test samples to be compared as closely as possible, as far as geography permitted. The myriad other types of -ilm natural sciences, engineering, agriculture, medicine, geography , etc. Constituting a new nation and defining its culture meant, among other things, mapping its figurative geography , delineating the nation's boundaries.

From theoretical explorations of wildlife classification to case studies of human-wildlife conflict, wildlife tourism, to particular human-wild animal geographies, this has proven a dynamic avenue. From Wikipedia.

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Rett syndrome occurs in approximately , live female births in all geographies, and across all races and ethnicities. Foo has twenty over years of experience with leading international firms, held senior leadership roles across businesses and geographies. In all, nine low income schools were studied, their locations spanning urban, semi-urban, and rural geographies. Many of them immediately went to the ship's library and eagerly scrutinized charts, geographies, histories, and encyclopedias for information. Children's geographies is sometimes coupled with, and yet distinguished from the geographies of childhood.

Many of the master's students, particularly in their dissertations, produced regional geographies that were both physical and human even economic. See all examples of geography. Translations of geography in Chinese Traditional. Need a translator? Translator tool. What is the pronunciation of geography?

Geography BSc (Hons)

Browse geographic. The team includes professors in human and physical geography, senior academics with industry experience, demonstrators and technicians. Postgraduate research students who have undertaken teacher training may also contribute to the teaching of seminars under the supervision of the module leader. You can learn more about the staff by visiting our staff profiles.

The course provides opportunities to test understanding and learning informally through the completion of practice or 'formative' assignments. Each module has one or more formal or 'summative' assessments, which are graded and count towards the overall module grade. Assessment methods include written examinations and a range of coursework assessments such as essays, written assignments including consultancy reports and planning statements , journals, practical investigations, practical reports, portfolios, individual and groups presentations, posters, and a final year independent studies project.

The precise assessment requirements for an individual student in an academic year will vary according to the mandatory and optional modules taken. You will not be expected to complete all assignments list below i. Year 1 3 essays 4 written assignments 1 within module test 1 formal examination of 2 hours duration 3 practical reports 2 practical investigations 2 individual or group presentations. Year 2 5 essays 6 written assignments 3 individual or group presentations 2 formal examinations of 2 hours duration 4 practical reports 1 research proposal 1 poster and discussion.

Year 3 3 essays 2 practical assessments 5 written assignments 1 journal 1 practical investigation 5 individual or group presentations 5 projects 3 practical reports 1 poster and discussion 1 independent study of approximately 10, words. You will receive feedback on practice assessments and on formal assessments undertaken by coursework. Feedback on examination performance is available upon request from the module leader.

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Feedback is intended to support learning and you are encouraged to discuss it with personal academic tutors and module tutors as appropriate. We aim to provide you with feedback on formal course work assessments within 20 working days of hand-in. For comprehensive details on the aims and intended learning outcomes of the course, and the means by which these are achieved through learning, teaching and assessment, please download the latest programme specification document. The course will prepare you for a range of interesting and diverse careers, including environmental consultancy, geographical information systems GIS management, local government and planning e.

Alternatively, you may wish to continue to postgraduate study and other professional qualifications. Geography graduates have a good track record in gaining employment in a wide range of professions and organisations, as a result of the broad range of skills developed through hands-on learning activities centred on the analysis of real world issues and processes.

You'll have many opportunities to extend your experience and enhance one's CV by carrying out voluntary work. We have links with several local government such as local authority planning departments organisations and other environmental and conservation agencies and can help organise voluntary work which can feed into Independent Studies projects in the final year of study. Numerous undergraduates have volunteered to assist in the collection of River Science field data in recent years and have gained experience in using our state of the art river monitoring equipment.

This has helped some of them gain employment after graduation in the water industry, with environmental consultancies and the Environment Agency. For more details, please visit our course fees page. Every course has day-to-day costs for basic books, stationery, printing and photocopying. The amounts vary between courses. Finding the right accommodation is paramount to your university experience, and our welcoming student communities are great places to live and study.

We have over 1, rooms across our halls of residence. UCAS is the central organisation through which applications are processed for entry onto full-time undergraduate courses in Higher Education in the UK. Read our How to apply pages for more information on applying and to find out what happens to your application.

Study for a four year Integrated Masters degree in Biology in a friendly, supportive, innovative environment.

Explore our Animal Biology Degree. Find out more about our course highlights, entry requirements, modules, career options and fees. Pharmacologists study how medicines and other drugs work and how they are processed by the body. Explore the biochemistry of human health, from cancer to Alzheimer's disease, or diversify in plant biology or microbiology. Discover the molecular machinery that lies at the heart of the cell and drives all living organisms. Geography BSc Hons.

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What makes Geography at Worcester special? Read the full story. What qualifications will you need? Other information The University will consider each application on its individual merits and will recognise a range of qualifications not currently included in the Tariff, including pre qualifications such as GNVQ. Book your place at an Open Day Want to know why so many students love living and studying in Worcester? Our open days are the perfect way to find out.

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What will you study? Alps Field Course Our students travel to the Alps to experience mountain environments. Read our Geography course guide Read now. Fieldwork Practical. Teaching and assessment. How will you be taught? Teaching All modules within the BSc Geography programme aim to encourage learners to engage in discussion of key issues and application of key concepts.

Contact time In a typical week, you will have approximately contact hours of teaching. The type of teaching activities varies per module, but an example of teaching activities for a first year module for one semester are: 20 hours of large group lectures 8 hours of interactive workshops 8 hours of computer practicals 4 hours of supervised laboratory practical 4 hours of fieldwork activities 4 hours of seminars.

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Independent self-study In addition to the hours of contact time, you are expected to undertake approximately hours of personal self-study per week respectively. Teaching staff You will be taught by a teaching team whose expertise and knowledge are closely matched to the content of the modules on the course. Assessment The course provides opportunities to test understanding and learning informally through the completion of practice or 'formative' assignments.

Feedback You will receive feedback on practice assessments and on formal assessments undertaken by coursework.

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Programme specification For comprehensive details on the aims and intended learning outcomes of the course, and the means by which these are achieved through learning, teaching and assessment, please download the latest programme specification document.